i deleted my google account!


You can watch this video over on 3Speak or Hive.blog: i no longer have access to youtube!

If you have trouble viewing it, try below. If you’re interested in decentralised and uncensored social media, join me on Hive.blog via this referral link, and I can help signpost you to get started there. It is the most beautiful community and full of supportive, conscious, collaborative co-creators!

You can also view the video on Odysee/ LBRY – click here

Dearest friend,

I deleted my google account yesterday, and had a lucid energetic experience of release of weight and bad energy – then i went and transformed my kitchen and studio balcony… and feel like I have a new home! The deletion of all the emails, files, videos and the like from the clutches of this dark empire, i recognise is a vital step towards sovereignty and whole vitality.

Blessings, merit gained and love to you!

3 thoughts on “i deleted my google account!

  1. Wow, Clare that’s brilliant.

    I started to follow the link you gave me to the hive pages but it really confused me…..😵‍💫…… Haven’t been by you guys as still painting the room and now my hip has gone and I can’t walk….determined to sort it out though.

    I love how you are by passing all this shite, definitely want to keep in touch through the Wednesdays and the hive thing….. There’s lots that needs letting go of.

    Having to be really courageous at the moment and it’s hard…. Much love Sue Xxx


    Been improving my DSLR skills and it’s making me excited.


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  2. Oh gosh, I do hope that your hip shifts into harmony again very soon, dearest Sue!! Thank you sincerely for this enthusiastic support and comment: I’m getting great feedback from various folks that my deletion has inspired, and we’re helping each other navigate how you get alternative Apps, Dapps, etc. 😀 A lovely adventure… So sorry you found the link hard to click through; I hoped that it would go straight to the video page on 3Speak, and that it can be watched without logging in at all – I will keep an eye on this, as I don’t want to lock my beautiful friends like you out of seeing my podcast. Maybe it would be best to share it also on LBRY or suchlike….


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